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In an economy that has become increasingly international, virtually every corporation employs foreign workers, with some companies employing large numbers of workers from other countries. Obtaining work permission for these individuals in a timely, efficient manner is vital in maintaining a company's operations without interruption.


Moreover, failure to comply with the immigration laws may subject an employer to civil fines and, if the violations continue, to criminal sanctions. Violation of the immigration laws also could subject the foreign worker to removal from the United States.


Even if the violation goes undetected and the employee is not subjected to removal proceedings, the failure to properly maintain temporary status could keep the employee from qualifying for a green card.


Therefore, full compliance with the immigration laws in connection with the hiring and employment of foreign workers is essential to the proper operations of a business and to protecting the employer and individual from sanctions.


EHRENPREIS IMMIGRATION LAW has extensive experience advising clients with respect to all of types of work permit matters, including O-1s for persons who are extraordinary in their field, H-1Bs for persons in a specialty occupation, L-1s for intracompany transferees, TNs for certain Canadians and Mexicans through the NAFTA Treaty, E-1s or E-2s for treaty traders or treaty investors, and E-3s for Australians in a specialty occupation; green cards, including employment-based and family-based cases; reentry permits; and naturalization/citizenship. As deciding which type of immigration benefit to obtain is a function of many considerations, we encourage you to contact us for an initial consultation at no charge.

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